In 1992 a group of graduates of Moscow Power Engineering Institute founded a Scientific Industrial Enterprise FOST (NPP FOST LLC) which until now deals with designing of production plants, machines supply, and services for them.

At the first stage, the company specialized in services of HEIDENHAIN, MIKRON, and MAHO equipment and in 1995 opened a workshop for the repair and modernization of CNC metal cutting machines.

In 2001 FOST cooperated with the Japanese concern AMADA on services of sheet metal processing machines with CNC.

In 2007 the company extended cooperation with AMADA: created their own band saw blade production site based on AMADA saw blades and started selling AMADA band saw machines. Later, in 2010, the company included in the supply line band saw machines of a wide price segment.

In 2015 the company started offering complete supplies of sheet metal processing machines by various European manufacturers: TEDA, JORNS, TIMESAVERS, HOUFEK.

In 2020 FOST continued developing the cutting direction by including in the supply line the circular saws and vertical milling machines by BONETTI.